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Working with ACACIA presents a great opportunity to exponentially expand your business on a regional level! If you understand and share our Mission, Vision, and Values, we invite you to contact us by completing the Vendor Survey below. We look forward to learning more about your company and the products/services that you provide!




  • Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies

  • Liquid De-Icers, Bagged Ice Melt, Bulk Rock Salt

  • Landscaping Supplies

  • Painting Supplies 

  • Safety & Personal Protective Equipment

  • Office Supplies

  • Marketing & Promotional Products 


If you are interested in becoming a Service Partner for ACACIA, this section outlines the steps a business owner must take in order to become a vendor including details on the submission process, special requirements and answers to frequently asked questions. You can also find links to small business resources that can be helpful whether you become a vendor or not.

Requirements prior to becoming a Service Partner/Vendor:

  1. Online Vendor Survey must be completed in it’s entirety. (You will be notified immediately if the form has been sent)
  2. Dun & Bradstreet number (number listed on questionnaire)—ACACIA Commercial Services will run a "Supplier Evaluation Report" on all potential Service Partners. A Service Partner should request that a Supplier Evaluation Report be set up for their company by calling D&B at (866) 815-2749. Rating guidelines must apply (ratings of 1-6 only, ratings over 6 are not accepted).
  3. Vendor Insurance Requirements—A copy of your certificate of liability insurance will be requested once your company has been accepted by ACACIA Commercial Services as a Service Partner. (a fax number and email address will be provided when the insurance certificate is required). Please do not make changes or purchase insurance until requested by ACACIA Commercial Services. 

Do not forward a certificate of insurance until requested by ACACIA Commercial Services. Once the insurance has been received, Purchasing will send the Service Partner Agreement. At that time, show your insurance company this information so they can provide a certificate of insurance showing the following:

  • The Your Company Name name must show exactly the same as on the Service Partner agreement which must match the exact company name that is assigned to the federal tax id (EIN# will be verified).
  • $2 million General Liability Insurance
  • $2 million in personal injury & advertising injury
  • $2 million in each occurrence
  • $2 million minimum required unless otherwise requested by ACACIA Commercial Services. Coverage is based on the risk of the Services Provided. The Service Partner will be advised of the required liability limits.
  • An excess liability or an umbrella policy in excess of $1 million may be shown to increase the primary limits.
  • Insurance company must show 30 days written notice in case of cancelation.
  • List as additional insured: ACACIA Commercial Services, its clients, owners, subsidiaries & affiliates
  • Show as certificate holder: ACACIA Commercial Services, its clients, owners, subsidiaries & affiliates, PO Box 913, Southeastern, Pennsylvania, 19399
  • A renewal certificate will be required to be faxed or emailed on or before the expiration date. Do not mail a hard copy.
  • If the insurance policy is on a claims-made basis, other requirements must be met before any approval can be considered.
  • Workers Compensation required for all Service Partners as this is a Service Outsourcing Program.

WORKERS' COMPENSATION (entering onto A Commercial property)

When entering onto ACACIA Commercial Services' Clients' property while service is being delivered workers' compensation is required. (Statutory workers' compensation laws must comply with insured's respective state).

EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY (entering onto A Commercial property)

$1 million per occurrence (waiver of subrogation is available where permitted by law).

Important: Your certificate must name the certificate holder as "ACACIA Commercial Services., its Clients, affiliates and subsidiaries, PO Box 913 Southeastern, Pennsylvania 19399" The Description of the Operations section must read "certificate holder is listed as additional insured". Notice of cancelation must be 30 days.

If the certificate of insurance does not comply with these requests, the forms will be returned and no Service Partner Agreement will be issued until compliance is met.

MINORITY CERTIFICATION (all minority & women-owned Service Partners)

Please FAX a copy of your minority certificate to 484-681-9665 or email to purchasing@acaciacommercial.com. Please enclose in your Service proposal packet a copy of your minority certificate. If your business is woman-owned, you may be certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). If your business is both minority and woman-owned, you need only one of these certifications. For additional information refer to the State mandated guidelines.

Disclaimer: ACACIA Commercial Services will not be liable for any costs incurred by your company in any attempt to meet ACACIA requirements, please evaluate all costs involved in meeting our requirements before applying.

Make copies of your Online Vendor Form and insurance certificate (COI). (Keep for your files) 
Forward all requirements to:


ACACIA Commercial Services
Attn: Purchasing & Vendor Development
PO Box 913
Southeastern, PA 19399

To speak with someone directly call: 855.522.2242


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* To be classified as a minority, woman, disadvantaged, disabled or disabled veteran owned business enterprise, your business must be at least 51% owned by one or more ethnic persons of color, women, disabled or disabled veteran, or in the case of any publicly owned business, at least 51% of the stock must be owned by one or more of such individuals and its management and daily operations must be controlled by one or more such individuals.

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D.  Employer's Liability * Range - $250K to $1M
E.  Excess Liability * Range - $300K to $1M
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